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Unforgettable 3 day Skiing Vacation to Breckenridge Colorado

3 days to Explore & Ski Colorado

Located a little over 1.5 hours away from Denver International Airport, Breckenridge Ski Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Western United States.


On this trip, we planned an unforgettable 3 day skiing vacation to Breckenridge Colorado.


Breckenridge offers a wide range of activities and scenic views that could keep you occupied for many days. However, we believe that anyone can visit and become fully immersed in all that Breckenridge has to offer during a 3 day vacation or long weekend trip.

Breckenridge Village Colorado


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Day 1: Arrive in Denver, Colorado





For an unforgettable skiing vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado, fly into Denver International Airport.

Only a short 1.5-hour drive from Breckenridge, DEN  is the most convenient airport to fly into when visiting Breckenridge.

Plan to arrive in Denver in the morning. We suggest arriving by 10:30 am. Arriving in the morning will allow you to have the entire day to explore Denver and make the drive to the Breckenridge Ski Resort.


Rental Car

When reserving the rental car, be sure to request a 4 wheel drive vehicle prior to arriving. If you are going West of the Eisenhower Tunnel, a 4 wheel drive vehicle is required during the winter & early spring.

We did not know this prior to arrival and had to purchase an upgraded vehicle that had 4 wheel drive. Save money and book correctly the first time!



For the best vacation experience in Breckenridge, we recommend staying at the DoubleTree by Hilton. The perks of choosing this hotel are:

  1. Ski & Snowboard rental in the Hotel lobby (No more lugging around bulking equipment)
  2. A short 10-minute walk to Main Street Village, where there are hundreds of restaurants, bar & shops
  3. Directly across from Quicksilver Super 6, one of the main ski lifts


Red Rock Amphitheater is located only 13 miles west of Downtown Denver and in the direction of where you will drive to Breckenridge.

This amphitheater is a concert venue that provides musicians with a unique opportunity to take advantage of the natural acoustics from the surrounding rock formations.

When the Red Rocks are not being used for music events, many people use the amphitheater as a fitness venue.

During your visit to the Red Rocks be sure to adventure out of the car and explore all that the Red Rocks have to offer:

  • Over 850 acres of hiking and biking trails
  • Walking up 380 steps to the top of the amphitheater
  • Taking in the amazing view from the top of the Red Rocks

Once you have explored the Red Rocks, start the 1 hour and 20-minute drive to Breckenridge, Colorado. As you drive to Breckenridge, keep taking in the scenery. It was amazing to see how drastic the climate had changed once we crossed through the Eisenhower tunnel. The temperature was in the 60s at the Red Rocks and then dropped quickly to 25 degrees. Since we wanted an unforgettable 3 day skiing vacation in Colorado, the sudden drop in temperature was perfect for the snow activities in Mid-March.

Red Rocks Amphitheater





We ate at a unique and local sandwich shop called Cheba Hut Toasted Subs. The sandwiches were fresh and very tasty. The atmosphere at this restaurant is quick service casual, which was perfect for making this a delicious quick stop for lunch.

Next, for an after-lunch treat, we grabbed cappuccinos from Thumb Coffee. The cappuccino was very fresh, full of caffeine and the customer service was great.



Before heading up the mountain, we stopped at Safeway in Fresco, Colorado to stock up on frozen breakfast burritos, granola bars to take on the slopes, and cold brew coffee. When traveling, we love to adventure to local restaurants, but it is nice to not rush around for every meal when adventure awaits.



After checking into the DoubleTree by Hilton, take the short ten-minute walk into the Village on Main Street to have dinner at Whiskey Star Smokehouse. Dinner exceeded our expectations of being delicious and comforting after a day of travel.

Breckenridge Skiing Mountain



Day 2 & 3




Click here for the Resort trail map and to stay update to date on the latest trail conditions.


Skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado is an unforgettable vacation experience. From 2 full days of skiing to a season pass, you will always be entertained when vacationing in Breckenridge.


Breckenridge Ski Resort features:

  • 187 skiing & snowboarding trails, which span across 5 mountain peaks for a total of 2,908 skiable acres
  • 4 O’clock is the longest trail at 3.5 miles long
  • 34 total lifts
  • Trails for all skill levels (beginner to advanced)

Check out our article that features tips on navigating the mountain


With over 2 thousand acres to explore, skiing Breckenridge for 2 days is an ideal amount of time and will satisfy any adventure seeker.

Unforgettable 3 day Skiing Vacation to Breckenridge Colorado




On both days of skiing, we recommend eating lunch out on the slopes.


Sevens is located at the bottom of Peak 7, directly in front of the Independence SuperChair Lift. Here you can either enjoy a sit-down meal or grab a quick-service lunch from The CoopEither option will provide the mid-afternoon break that is needed from a morning of adventure. After lunch, hop on to the Independence Chair lift to continue the mountain adventure.


Pioneer Crossing is another great lunch option. Located at the top of the Independence SuperChair Lift, this restaurant will allow you to beat the crowds of the restaurants located at the base of the mountain. In addition, enjoy the beautiful view of Breckenridge’s mountain range!



Visit Frisco, Colorado for dinner one evening. This cute town is only about 10 miles Fromm Breckenridge ski resort.


Uptown on Main is a must-visit restaurant in Frisco. The upscale bar atmosphere is relaxing and the food was delicious. Also, be sure to try the local beers on tap!


Take the evening to stroll the quaint city street and stop in some of the local shops, including, this unique wooden figurine stand.


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Frisco Colorado Wooden Bears


The unforgettable 3 day skiing vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado made memories that will last a lifetime.


Before we knew it, we were back in the office and back to our routine lives. But for 3 days, we picked adventure over routine.

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3 exciting Florida Keys experiences for long weekends

Florida Sunset on Beach

Not having enough time should not be a reason why you cannot enjoy a long weekend in the Florida Keys. 


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Here are 3 exciting Florida Keys experiences for long weekends. On this trip, we visited Key Largo, Florida. This Key spans over 30 miles long and only half a mile wide, Key Largo is the largest Key and only a short hour drive from Miami International Airport. 


The Florida Keys offers a wide range of activities and scenic views that could keep you occupied for many days. However, we believe that anyone can visit and become fully immersed in all that the Keys has to offer during a long weekend. 


Want our itinerary for planning a long weekend vacation in the Florida Keys? Click HERE for our itinerary


Below are 3 exciting Florida Keys experiences for long weekends.


3 Exciting Florida Keys Experiences for long weekends


1. Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

Snorkeling and Diving is an excellent way to experience the amazing life that is below the water surface.


John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is the best snorkeling and dive company in the Florida Keys.

Located in Key Largo (only a short hour drive from Miami International Airport)


We had the absolute BEST snorkeling experience. The boat crew was professional and had each person’s safety as a top priority. 


Here are a few key takeaways from our own experience:

  • Do not wear shiny jewelry. Certain sea creatures (especially barracuda) are attracted to these types of items. Thankfully, barracuda are docile and are generally not a threat to your safety. 
  • Each person is provided and required to wear a buoyancy life jacket. 
  • The boat takes visitors miles offshore to a protected shallow coral reef that ranges from 5 to 15 feet deep

This State Park also offers a wide range of activities from enjoying a white sand beach, kayaking among the mangroves to riding in a glass-bottom boat.

Florida Snorkeling


2. Eating in the Florida Keys

Ask anyone what dessert is famous in the Florida Keys? Most likely their response will be Key Lime Pie. 


The pie truly is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Also, the light texture makes having multiple servings a little less guilty… right?


When you are ready to come down from the sugar high, we recommend visiting the Islamorada Shrimp Shack. This restaurant is located on the Islamorada Key, which is famous for being the sport fish capital of the world. With the marinas nearby, you are guaranteed to enjoy the freshest food.


Key Lime Pie


3. Sunset

After a day of adventure in the Florida sun, watching a picturesque sunset is the perfect way to unwind and relax.


Stay at the Hampton Inn Key Largo to have a front-row view of a perfect Florida Sunset


Perks of choosing this hotel:

  • Beach access
  • Kayak rental
  • Short 1-hour drive from Miami International Airport

Beach access is limited in the Florida Keys since the islands are surrounded by large Coral Reefs. These reefs prevent erosion and sand from building up on the shoreline.


While visiting the Keys, it is important to remember how fragile the Coral Reefs are and the important role the Reefs play in supporting our ecosystem.


The Hampton Inn Key Largo will check all of the boxes and is only 1 mile away from John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.



Tevas are the best multi-purpose shoe to wear when visiting the Florida Keys: 



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Florida Sunset on Beach