The best durable camera case

Look no further to find the best durable camera case


When purchasing a camera, it is very important to invest in a durable camera case that will protect the camera and all of its accessories.



I searched many websites to determine the best camera case that would meet all of my requirements to protect my new Nikon D5600. The requirements included:

  1. Size: Large enough to hold two camera lenses, battery charger, and extra SD cards
  2. Durable: Withstand any sudden drops and could be tossed under an airplane seat
  3. Waterproof: Protect the camera on any hiking or kayaking adventures
  4. Additional space for future camera accessories

After hours of researching camera cases, a friend suggested a Pelican Case.  I immediately knew that I found the best durable camera case for my adventure and photography needs.


Pelican Case Features:

  • Durable functionality that allows the case to be: watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
  • Trademarked “Pick N Pluck” foam to allow for customizations to fit and protect all of your camera gear
  • A sturdy handle to carry around the camera case
  • Stainless steel hardware to ensure longevity
  • An automatic pressure release valve to balance interior pressure and still keeps water out



Which model did we pick?

Pelican 1400 vs 1450, which size is the best to use for traveling? When we were deciding on a Pelican case, we wanted one that could fit inside of a backpack and be placed under an airplane seat.


Both the pelican 1400 and 1450 are great options for an easy to carry case; however, 1400 ended up being the best option for us. The case even fit inside of our backpacks!


Check out the photos to see for yourself how the cases compare in size and how the equipment fits.

The best durable camera case



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