1 Adventurous Day to Jackson Hole

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During our 1 adventurous day to Jackson Hole, we were able to experience unique hiking trails, a secluded lake and a panoramic view of the Teton mountain range.


Jackson Hole is located at the South Entrance of Yellowstone National Park, check out our vacation guide to when planning your vacation to Yellowstone National Park.


First Stop: Signal Mountain


Located at 7,727 feet, the peak of Signal Mountain will provide panoramic views of the gorgeous Grand Teton Mountains.

For access to the mountain peak, visitors can either drive to the top of the mountain or hike the 6.8 mile roundtrip trail.

1 Adventurous Day to Jackson Hole


Second Stop: Phelps Lake


There is an amazing trail systems that is located off Moose-Wilson Road. Although this road is closed during the winter months, the road provides visitors with access to forest and marsh habitats and is an excellent location for viewing wildlife from a safe distance.

From Moose-Wilson Road, arrive at the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Center. Here is where you will park for the Woodland Trail that will lead you on a journey to the secluded Phelps Lake.


Prior to hiking any trail, be sure to reference a map and have the supplies that are needed for a safe and fun trip.

While hiking in Jackson Hole, we strongly recommend anyone to purchase Bear Spray before hiking. Bears are very common and you would rather have the Bear Spray on the trail than be stranded with no way to defend yourself.

Phelps Lake, Jackson Hole, Grand Teton


Third Stop: Jackson Lake


After a long hike, we enjoyed driving over to Jackson Lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery. This last stop on our 1 adventurous day to Jackson Hole was absolutely worth it to experience another amazing view of the Grand Teton mountain range.

Jackson Lake, Jackson Hole, Grand Teton


We hope you enjoyed our 1 day to Jackson Hole! Be sure to view our other Weekend Vacation itineraries.

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