7 fun reasons why you should take a weekend vacation

A weekend vacation is a perfect way to find adventure without having to find the time.


Within this guide, you will find 7 fun reasons why you should take a weekend vacation. From long work hours to busy personal lives, taking time off can seem impossible. However, with the 7 reasons below, we hope that you will prioritize vacations and learn that you can travel the world during a long weekend.

7 Fun Reasons Why You Should Take a Weekend Vacation

7 fun reasons why you should take a weekend vacation

1 – Allows Flexibility

Avoid peak travel season


After you have narrowed down the time that you will take off for vacation, consider if the date of travel falls within the “peak” season window for the chosen destination.


For example, if you are planning a ski vacation to Colorado, you may want to avoid visiting from December through February due to the peak tourist season that leads to bigger crowds and higher prices. Check out our article for planning a 3 day Colorado Vacation



2 – Saves Money

Weekend vacations can be more affordable


Saving money is one of the 7 fun reasons why you should take a weekend vacation.

Cutting back on the cost of vacationing is a major perk of why you should book your next weekend vacation outside of the destination’s peak season.

From our personal research and travel bookings, we have avoided spending hundreds and even thousands of extra dollars by booking vacations outside of the peak windows.


From Florida Keys vacations to adventures in Yellowstone, traveling for a weekend or short vacation can be very affordable.



3 – Promotes Self Happiness

Short vacations enable us to put ourselves first


A fun reason to take a weekend vacation is to promote your personal self-happiness.

Even if the vacation is only for a few days, escaping from our daily responsibilities and focusing on our inner self will hopefully provide true happiness.



4 – Helps to Slow Down Time

Years come and go too fast


We are tired of watching time pass by in front of our eyes. From working 9 to 5 jobs and sitting behind a cubicle, weekend vacations provide a great opportunity to travel and seek out adventure.

Time seems to slow down when you are busy exploring a new mountain, river, or city



5 – Builds Appreciation for Nature

Our Planet is a special and unique place


We LOVE nature. There is something about hiking or kayaking to a remote area that builds a connection between our everyday lives and the beautiful world that surrounds us.

Our world is fragile and human interaction in nature can greatly impact the future of our beautiful world. When planning your weekend vacations, think about the steps that can be taken to limit our human impact on nature.

Check out the National Park Service website for more details on conservation.



6 – Breaks Up the Daily Routine

Add adventure into your routine


If you find yourself stuck in your routine of:

  • waking up
  • commuting to an office
  • working 9 plus hours a day
  • Getting home to do it all over again the next day

Then a weekend vacation is the correct choice for you!


Weekend vacations do not take up much time; however, the benefit of taking a short vacation to break up the daily routine will hopefully provide adventure to your life.



7 – Exposure to Different Environments

Alpine Mountains to Ocean Basins


The options of where to travel during a weekend vacation are endless. Our beautiful planet offers countless opportunities to be exposed to various environments.  For any given weekend vacation, you have the option to travel to the southernmost point of the United States or to the mountain peaks of Whitefish, Montana.


Weekend vacations will provide you with the chance to adventure out of your routine, explore new areas, and appreciate Mother Nature.




We hope that these 7 fun reasons why you should take a weekend vacation, will inspire you to find adventure without having to find the time.



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